JP2P is a peer-to-peer file sharing system, to be written in 100% pure Java. JP2P (hereinafter "the system") is inspired by existing peer to peer systems such as eMule and BitTorrent, and builds on experiences with those systems. Devices such as tagging and voting such as used in social bookmarking are also intrinsic to the system.

The purpose of JP2P is to share files between computer systems. The system is:
  • self-updating
  • self-healing
  • predictive

The system provides:
  • search facilities
  • tagging facilities
  • peer to peer file transfer

JP2P attempts to avoid the controversy attending peer to peer file sharing by using a Board of Governors with authority to remove copyrighted material from distribution. Since a governing authority exists, JP2P might be classified as a hybrid peer to peer network.


The JP2P system is self-updating, that is, clients obtain updates from the system automatically. The updates are distributed in the form of software system components such as class files or jar files. Clients inform other clients when updates are available, and the system informs the users when software updates are available, and also the state of the components of the software.

Anyone can contribute updates to the software, the updates are evaluated by the Board of Governors or their designates before being released to the JP2P client system. Once released, the software updates are in 0.1 status, they progress to 0.2 status, 0.3 status and so on until they achieve Release Status. For example, if a module jp2p.jar is currently in 3.1 status, that is the first update to the 3 branch.

The Board of Governors

Main article: Board Of Governors

JP2P is governed by a board, elected by the users of the of the system. The board consists of users who pass judgment on updates and content. The ability to govern content allows for removal of files that contain copyrighted material. However onerous, or even draconian this may seem, it is necessary because of copyright laws in many countries.

There is nothing to prevent using elements of the system such as classes and even the protocol to circumvent the Board of Governors, however. The Honor System should still prevail. It is clear that the more attempts to legislate, the more clever people will get around the legislation. JP2P will not indulge in preachiness, but the law is the law.

Collaborative Design

Main article: Design

JP2P is designed collaboratively: any and all are encouraged to share in the design, feature definition, use case definition, GUI, test cases, and any other design tasks. The design will be accomplished on the JP2P Wiki spaces.

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